No Jets? No Worries! Go Lectron!
Lectron is a completely 'jet-less' carburetor. No 'jetting' required, Ever!
What's New

Lectron now offer minimal tuning carburetors; making most applications 'plug & play' compatible straight out of the box. The units come pre-tuned and engineered for extended applications and typically require only minor tuning adjustments when installed, like minor idle and throttle adjustments, etc. The modern Lectron brand is quickly gaining International attention in the racing and performance markets, and rivaling even fuel injections systems in application, economy, and performance output... Read More
History of Lectron

Lectron was founded in 1973 by Norm Quantz, the chief designer and engineer of the single-fuel 'slide and pin' type carburettor (with a unique metering rod), ingeniously developed as a guillotine slide concept; which is responsible for intense atomisation of fuel particles (without the use of jets) and requires minimal tuning due to environmental auto-tuning by mirco changes in air pressure, which occurs naturally when conditions change or there is a change in air pressure from traveling to different altitudes or climates... Read More